Resident Obligations & Violations

Each of us homeowners accepted obligations when we closed the purchase. The Title company should have given us copies of the governing documents which consist of Articles of Incorporation, Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CC&Rs), By-Laws, and Policies of the Willow Dell HOA. We signed our acceptance of these obligations at the closing. These documents are available on the Willow Dell HOA website, Anyone renting a property undertakes the same obligations as the homeowner.

All homeowners pay the Annual Assessment as one obligation but there are a several others. The list below is a compilation of some of the more common topics concerning homeowner obligations. This list is not exhaustive. The governing documents and policies define all the homeowner obligations. This list is especially intended to give new members of our community some guidance for the most common questions a resident may have.


  • Storage of trash cans and recycle containers
    • When not at the road on the day of pickup, trash and recycle containers must be placed out of sight when viewed from any street.
  • Lawn, Landscaping and Changes to the exterior of the property
    • Each owner of a lot is obligated to maintain his property and all improvements on it to keep it in a clean, sightly and safe condition and to conform with any specific standards which the Board of Directors may adopt. An owner’s maintenance obligation includes, but is not be limited to: the maintenance of all visible exterior surfaces of all buildings and other improvements; the prompt removal of all paper, debris, and refuse; the removal and replacement of dead and diseased trees and plantings; the mowing, watering, fertilizing, weeding, replanting and replacing of all approved landscaping.
    • No exterior addition to or change or alteration can be made to any improvements (including, but not limited to: painting or staining of any exterior surface or replacement of the roofing), until the site plan and the final working plans and specifications have been submitted to and approved in writing by majority vote of the Board or their appointed Committee as to conformity with the restrictions of the governing documents.
    • Owners are obligated to submit a completed ARCHITECTURAL CONTROL COMMITTEE REQUEST FOR HOME IMPROVEMENTS OR MODIFICATIONS (ACC) form and receive approval prior to commencing any work. The from is available from the Board or our management company.
  • Fence Maintenance
    • Each Owner shall be responsible to maintain and replace, at his or her expense, the cedar fence installed by the builder to enclose the backyard of their lot. The subdivision perimeter fence at the rear of perimeter lots must be maintained by the owner in the original design and materials.
    • Owners are obligated to submit a completed ACC form and receive approval prior to commencing any work. The ACC form is available from the board or our management company.
  • Portable Basketball Nets
    • Basketball goals attached to the residence or mounted on a pole in the ground must not be located visible from the street in front of the residence or from the side street on corner lots. Basketball goals mounted on moveable platforms may be temporarily located in the front of a residence while in use as long as they are moved to the garage or rear of the residence when not in use.
  • Recreational Vehicles
    • Unless otherwise approved by the Board of Directors, no boat, watercraft, boat trailer, boat rigging, motor home, trailer, or inoperable motor vehicle shall be parked or kept in a street or on any lot unless such vehicle is stored within a garage or otherwise screened from public view. Owners can get Board approval for a limited time prior to and after an excursion for prep and cleaning.
  • Pets
    • Owners may keep dogs, cats, or other household pets not to exceed two (2) in number provided they are not kept, bred, or maintained for any business purposes. Household pets must be confined to a fenced backyard, within the residence or on leash at all times.
  • Inoperable Vehicles AND Vehicle repair
    • No owner is permitted to perform repair work on automobiles or other vehicles in driveways or streets. No inoperable motor vehicle shall be parked or kept in a street or on any lot unless such vehicle is stored within a garage.
  • Property use
    • Each house must be for single family residential use only. No business, professional. commercial or manufacturing use shall be made of any lot; provided, however, this does not prohibit the use of a residence for a home occupation incidental to the principal residential use.